14+ years of experience serving the unique technology needs of the veterinary community.
Extensive work with and for some of the largest players in the veterinary equipment markets.  Software, hardware, dental systems, digital and computed radiography modalities, imaging stations, and PACS systems.  We do it all.


Supporting Legacy scil, Henry Schein Animal Health, Covetrus Equipment Services Customers

We offer support for the following legacy products sold and serviced previously by Covetrus Equpment Services (formerly referred to as Henry Schein Animal Health or scil):

  • Spotchem EZ
    • PMs and Repairs
  • ABC (classic)
    • PMs and Repairs
  • ABC+
    • PMs and Repairs
  • Canon Radiology Systems
    • PMs, Repairs, or Replacements
  • Konica Minolta X-Ray Systems
    • Scanner, PC, and Software repairs, replacements, and Service
  • Toshiba Panels
    • PMs, Service
  • O&R products (Dragonfly, scilPACS, scilIPS, dicomPACS, VIS Aquisition, etc.)
    • Support
  • DDX-R and MediaVET Dental Systems
    • Software Support and Replacement
  • PC and Computer Services
    • PC Repairs, PC Replacement, PMs, Data Recovery, etc.
  • MDX3 and MDX4 sensors
    • Troubleshooting, Replacement, Evaluations and Insurance Documentation
  • SCANX Duo Systems
    • PMs and Repairs